English only article in studying NYC

  • 2018.04.01

Hello, I’m Louis

Today I experimentally will use only English in this article. Today’s topic is my friends.I introduce some friedns in Manhattnville college.

世界と遊ぶ!慶應生ルイス 留学×世界一周
People from China!!
世界と遊ぶ!慶應生ルイス 留学×世界一周
He looks so stern but very funny
世界と遊ぶ!慶應生ルイス 留学×世界一周
Two Japanese and one lady.
I am right side.
Left man is so cool!!


How’s English only article? I’m annoyed because I didn’t correctly express my feelings. Practice,practice!!

See you later



【Todday’s What To Do】
1、Journal Question 5&6 ◎ finished
2、Prepare for Entrepreneurship △ have to research more
3、Global Study △ finished one third
4、Self analyze work sheets 5papers △ I finied 4papers
5、Research 10 companies ×
6、Get up at 7 △ I got up at 7:30
7、Buy Index card ×
8、Confirm sports events ? My friend will tell me on the weekend
9、Check the papers ◎

【Tomorrow’s what to do】
1、Prepare for Entrepreneurship
2、Global Study 2/3
3、Communication study 1/2
4、Research 5 companies

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